A Thank You to My First Internship

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

Dear Hansen Center,

First and foremost, I want to thank you for taking a chance, and hiring me as the Public Relations Intern. Before I was hired, I was a lost sophomore at ISU who just gave up her lifelong dream of becoming a veterinarian. Because of this internship, I learned that dream was not for me, and found a new passion for utilizing my writing and communication skills in the Agriculture Industry... I have you to thank for that.

Thank you for not only having me manage social media accounts, but making me do all of the work that needed to be done for the building. From cleaning bathrooms, scooping manure out of the wash rack and into the hayfield with Clarabell, to painting the inside of the Hansen Center... I can almost say I've done it all for this building. Doing all of this taught me that in order to truly know a place, or to communicate for a company, you need to have done it all.

Thanks for preparing me for interviews. This internship has allowed me to answer any question thrown at me during an interview. Whether an employer asks me about how I overcame a difficult work situation, or if they ask about working with a group of people, the Hansen Center experiences tend to be my go to answers.

Thank you for introducing me to some pretty amazing people. I always know that I have quite a few people in my corner... whether that be a future roommate, someone to help me network, or just a few friends, I always have someone to go to. Having these people to work with made putting down flooring, setting up for shows, and watering trees a whole lot easier and enjoyable.

Thank you for letting me utilize my communication skills. I am more attentive to tiny details, I gained experience working with groups of people, and I was able to create social media posts for the building. These experiences have helped me immensely and will stay with me forever.

You helped me see that vet school was not the path for me, and I found that I could utilize my writing skills to enter the agriculture communications industry. Although I am still an Animal Science major, my internships have all been communications based. Animal Science will give me the background knowledge that I need, and I am constantly learning real world experiences from my internships.

Thank you for reminding that even though I may not be an amazing mathematician, my writing skills will lead me down the right path for me.

I will forever be thankful for being the PR Intern at the Hansen Agricultural Student Learning Center.

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