Dear Dad

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

Staying up late with you to watch football I will never regret,

because those are the moments I won't forget.

You provided me with a love for sports,

and I proved it to you on the courts.

In basketball you beat me with a hook shot,

but I found that farther away from the hoop was my hot spot.

Even though I never got the crown,

I got the last laugh when you walked out with earrings on into town.

Thanks for never letting me win,

for you have created a competitor within.

Except I always beat you in ping pong,

your paddle says sore loser, and if you disagree, we'll all remind you that you're wrong.

Although we don't always see eye to eye,

I know that you will always be by my side.

From you I have gained thick skin,

I like to hide my tears with a grin.

Somedays you may be the butt of our joke,

but when I say I love you I never misspoke.

Even though I won't be around on your birthday or Father's Day,

your gift is on it's way.

Love you Dad.


Thanks for all that you do,

I'm sure someday Ravenwood will appreciate you too.

I will drive by slow,

be ready to tuck and roll.

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