I Prefer Home Grown... Not Lab Grown.

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

Meat... the flesh of animal as food. Yes, yes, flesh of an animal is so awful... but it's not my definition. Google the definition of meat and that's what you will find.

Our ancestors have been eating meat for millions of years. Obtaining meat from animals is how it has always been. So why now are we questioning these methods? Is it because all of a sudden everyone in the world thinks that these animals have feelings? Is it because farms truly are a harmful place? NO. It's because there is a ginormous gap between farms and consumers. Families are so far from the farm that there are children who think that their food comes directly from the store. I don't blame those who do not fully understand the practices done in agriculture. Not long ago, I was one of them.

You can argue with me all day long about your beliefs on why you don't eat meat, or think that it's wrong to harvest animals for their meat, I will strongly disagree. These animals feed the entire world, and that is pretty amazing.

Meat straight from animals provides you with the nutrients that are a necessity for your health and growth. Checkout to see how meat is an excellent source of protein, vitamins, iron, and zinc. These are just a few of the nutritional values that meat holds.

Before you blow off my statement about how meat is one of the best source of nutrients... consider the weather conditions outside. Planting season should've been started, but because of the weather it is being postponed (at least around the midwest.) Livestock are being grown all year round. While weather may make things more difficult, farmers are still able to raise livestock, and produce the meat needed to feed the world.

If you say that everyone in the world becoming a vegan, or that lab-grown "meat" will someday feed the entire world... I am 100% willing to call your bluff.

While researching for a class, I stumbled upon an article from the Washington Post, “Lab-grown meat is in your future, and it may be healthier than the real stuff.” Lab-grown meat is cells taken from an animal, and grown in a lab. In this article they make claims without any scientific research behind them. They discuss removing heme iron, because it’s apparently linked with cancer… but fail to mention that heme iron is more easily absorbed by our bodies, and an iron depletion can lead to anemia. They also go on to claim that this product will be healthier, and alleviate environmental challenges, as well as reduce the need for water.

I have so many questions for the researchers and founders of this lab-grown "meat," and you as a consumer should too. How will it lower the needs of water or land... won't you still need animals for this since you are taking their cells, therefore you will need the land and water to meet the needs of each animal? Where is the proof that this is healthier? How many cells are being taken from the animal? Where are the cells being taken from? What are they adding to the product? As I have been researching, I am coming up with more questions than I am finding answers.

I am not asking you to give up your beliefs about wanting to be a vegan or being open to new ideas to feed the world. I am asking that before you jump on a band wagon for an item that is misleadingly called "clean meat," to question them yourselves... heck, if you question a farmer who has grown up on a farm that has been in their families for generations... why would it be so difficult to question these guys?

For instance, this project will require new buildings to be built, buildings that will create their own toxic chemicals that harm the environment. Will this lead to less pastures and more buildings? How can they promise that every single lab will remain sterile 24/7? They say this is cleaner, but it seems to be less of nature taking it's course, and more man made. I'd rather know that a farmer took time to grow livestock for food, rather than peek through a window and see a man dressed in a hazmat suit, creating my food.

As consumers, you say you want more natural food... well in my opinion lab-grown "meat" is far from that.

As for me... I will forever buy my meat knowing that it came straight from the livestock itself, not from a lab. I choose to leave it to the pros, aka farmers, and will do everything in my power to advocate for them.

I believe in the future of agriculture... and I truly hope the future of agriculture continues to illustrate meat coming from livestock... not "meat" from a petri dish.

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