My First College Best Friend

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

Three years ago I was graduating high school, talking with all of my friends about the fact that I had just found out who my random roommate for college was. I constantly asked everyone I knew about their experiences with their freshman roommates… they were all terrible stories. So of course I was even more scared. Thankfully, I ended up getting you as my random roommate.

I decided to send you a message on Facebook… apparently I’m not FBI material because somehow I stumbled upon your Facebook page for photography. I messaged it anyways, and we decided to meet. I truly don’t think I have ever had a more awkward encounter than what we had that day. We got to Olive Garden before it even opened, so we had to stand outside the restaurant, barely speaking to each other. All I could think about was, “How many questions is appropriate to ask a stranger that I’m about to live with for a year?” Apparently our first meeting wasn’t too bad, since we both sucked it up and chose to live with each other.

I don’t remember everything that happened in those first couple of months we lived together, but I do remember wanting to go back home and drop out of college. We started off a little rocky with my many questions asking you about the livestock industry. Luckily you had some patience... and that I am a quick learner. Without you I'm not sure I would've made it to where I am today in Animal Science.

Finally we found out that we both wanted to party in college, which was the start of a great friendship… I guess we’ll always have the “White House” to thank for that. The amount of times that we have partied together has created memories that are unforgettable. We’ve drank a little too much, picked each other up from crazy nights out, walked when we really shouldn’t have, went out and partied during a snow storm, and survived my 19th birthday. These are just a few of the memories that I will be telling for years to come.

Although I will constantly reminisce on our party stories, I will forever be grateful for the nights we stayed in. We somehow decided to go out at midnight just to buy hot dogs and buns, and made them in our dorm room. Even though it happened two years ago, I still laugh at the fact that you fell down the dining hall stairs, while you still laugh about how my mom fell on me while I was wearing my puffy pink coat when I was little. We've gotten each other through heart breaks, laughed so hard we cried, and constantly send tweets back and forth no matter if we're far apart or sitting right next to each other. From having “family dinners” together, getting a spoon out of the disposal, getting me through AnS 101, to skipping our 8am because we hoped the other one would go, we seem to be the perfect match for best friends.

The thing that I am most thankful for is that you constantly (literally and metaphorically) push me out of my comfort zone. You taught me that over thinking every little detail isn’t always the best option, and that sometimes you just need to take action. As I am one to over analyze everything, and constantly stay in my box, you’ve truly helped me grow as a person.

Graduating college is going to be bitter sweet. On one hand we'll be done with school, but on the other hand we're going to truly be adulting. I know that when that day comes there will be many tears. Half will be happy tears at the fact that we actually graduated, while the other half will be sad because you won't just be a room away.

No matter where we go in life I hope that you’ll always be by my side. I can’t imagine marrying someone someday down the road... mainly because I need your approval of him to make sure he's perfect, but I’ll need you to be standing by my side.

I hope that I’m around for all of the important days that are in your future… From the day that you get married, to the day that you have kids that love cows as much as you do.

I truly wish you nothing but the best with your future, and I cannot wait until you find the career path that is meant for you (even if it isn't starting the Brik company). You are so passionate about the livestock show and agriculture industry, any company will be lucky to have you as an employee.

Thanks for the many memories that we've made, and for the memories that have yet to come. I honestly couldn't have asked for a better random roommate than you.

I honestly don’t know what I would do without ya Big Brods.

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